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Was delivered in great time considering I'm in Australia. Stimulant works and is exactly as expected. Will buy again soon!

- Benjamin S.

Similar to creatine IMO but more physical energy - like I feel like I'm ready to be more active and lift or run more but without feeling stimulated.

- Lenox

Good quality, works exactly as it should. Great communication with customer, fast shipping, will definitely use again for future orders. -J.A.

- James A.

As mentioned in DMHA review i need 250mg of this Eria Jarensis combined with the other stims (or Caffeine) Good Beginner Item

- David Kobayashi

Like all products ordered from this site, quick and excellent quality. Early results meet expectations! Looking forward to future orders!

- Rik Warren

TeaCrine is an awesome ingredient. I think the stim-junkies undervalue it but I really enjoy this product. Energy is super clean and long lasting.

- Josh

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